Green attitudes

towards the planet !

One of this year’s GIN teams developed a major project called “Green Challenges”, which comprises a set of sustainable actions to be accomplished by our middle school students within a specific time frame (an hour, a day, a week, a month and a year).

Dr. Carla Mendes

Green Challenges

GIN Conference

Monthly Challenge:

"Cut paper, not trees"

Our monthly Green Challenge is set: “Cut paper, not trees”. It consists in establishing a green printing routine in our MS students towards the reduction of paper used monthly. 
Since March, our 2015 GIN team have been thoroughly analyzing monthly reports from the software PaperCutTM and presenting these data to MS students and teachers, tracking their paper consumption. Unused sheets left on our printers have also been collected and quantified as wasted paper. A list of the 10 most important printing practices was compiled and transformed into a customized poster entitled the “10 Printing Commandments”. 

GIN Team setting our printing goals!


Based on May’s report, our first individual goal was set: students must reduce in 10% the total amount of paper used in the previous month. It must be accomplished by the end of June. The goal was calculated per student and tables were created per grade and shared for students’ reference on our 5th floor noticeboard. At the same time, copies of the customized poster were displayed in every class, constantly reminding students of the “10 Printing Commandments” they should follow to accomplish their goals. 


Good luck everyone, and print consciously!

School Hour Challenge

Our first challenge - the “School Hour” - inspired by the WWF Earth Hour, was accomplished last Friday, May 22. Our MS students and teachers experienced a lights-out event in their classrooms. Lights and electrical appliances (air conditioning, PCs, projectors) were deliberately turned off for 50 minutes (one day period) as a symbolic gesture for our pledge to save the planet.


During this designated period, teachers developed a previously planned ludic activity, engaging students in a fun and lively interaction. Students recreated biblic stories in plays using flashlights during the Religion class, discussed about food labels during a candlelit picnic in Science, took part in an acoustic jam session in Music, played Math sequences, shared creepy stories in World Social Studies class and used mimics to guess film titles under flashlights in English class. Check out our photos!


Our mains goals include raising awareness of energy conservation, building and maintaining commitment to an act of change that benefits the planet and thus enhancing our life quality. It is hoped that participants "go beyond the hour", motivating people to reduce their energy consumption every day, not by sitting in the dark for an hour, but by taking simple steps that can make the world a better place.


Our challenge for a day is coming up soon. 

Are you ready to take another green action?