Green Team

Green Team

Herika Sodré, Leonardo Resende, Olga Martins,

Simone Fernandes, Giovanna Quagliani & Gabriela Falcão

Maria Laura Ingouville e os novos integrantes:

Rafael Silva e Luana Nobre

We are the Green Team, a group of staff members and parents whose mission is to change some daily habits of our community and make our School a more sustainable place. 

Last year OLM adopted the theme Coexist, and we worked hard in making people aware of the importance of coexisting, not only with one another, but also with the environment.  One of our main goals was to reduce the amount of plastic used at School. OLM has stopped using 2,000 plastic cups on a daily basis, after the adoption of reusable utensils in the cafeteria! We have also started reusing and recycling paper and we have started a vegetable garden project with Pre-School and Elementary students.

We count on your cooperation in adopting and sharing some of the ideas presented by the Green Team and our partners at School and at home during the School year. Our joint effort is essential for long lasting results in the lives of our community and for the survival of our planet.

The greener we act, the greener we will be!

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Green Tip: The eco bags that were a gift for Teacher's Day have many uses! It is easily foldable and super light to carry even in your pocket. You can use it as a shopping bag, to carry your teaching material from one classroom to another and also as a daily accessory. It sounds like a simple attitude, but altogether it makes the difference!

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Proof that the seed of awareness has already begun to germinate in the OLM family. Many students and staff members had the initiative of bringing their own reusable cups to school and the Big 8 tournament. OLM spreading love and sustainability beyond our borders. By the way, Go Lancers! We are rooting for you!

Sofia Feistein (´21)
Melissa Carvalho & Tomas Ingouville (´33)
Maria Roberta Petrelli (´22)

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If green is present in our school, why not be present in our hearts as well? Being more sustainable has to start from within. When you allow yourself to be greener, you will see green everywhere. The OLM family is increasingly strong and united in the fight for a greener space for everyone!

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Where does all the paper and boxes go? What is the  Light Recicla project? OLM not only connects people, but also missions. If the goal is to improve and be more sustainable you can bet that we will do everything to participate. Hence, our partnership with the Light Recicla project was born. Every kilogram of recyclable material collected is then converted into a discount on the electric bill for charities, which are suggested by the Religion Department. Better than teaching our children to donate money is teaching them to donate themselves, because when you do it for love, any journey will be much more enjoyable!


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The Green Team is a volunteer group of teachers, staff and parents from OLM, and was created with the mission of making our school more sustainable. A big step towards a greener school was eliminating single use plastic cups from our daily routine, which amounted to over 2000 cups daily. This action was later extended to school events.


The “June Party” was the test event for the implementation of reusable cups. It was a great success, the OLM community once again embraced the cause and showed that we are taking sustainability very seriously. With the purchase of custom made cups we ensure the saving of over 600 single use plastic cups in just one event! Aiming to increase the impact of this action, in this year's “School Patroness Festival” (Kermesse) we began using large beverage bottles, along with the very successful reusable cups.


These actions led to a significant reduction of the garbage generated at the event. Moreover, the cups can be reused at all school events! Have you purchased your custom made reusable cup already?

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In science, a heavy metal is a metallic element which is toxic and has a high density, specific gravity or atomic weight. Heavy metals are chemically highly reactive and bioaccumulative metals, which means our bodies are unable to eliminate them. When these metals are released as industrial waste in water, soil or air, these elements can be absorbed by nearby plants and animals, causing severe poisoning along the food chain. However, the term heavy metal means something slightly different in common usage, referring to any metal capable of causing health problems or environmental damage.


Learning further: Lithium-ion is a common component in batteries. Despite being the lightest and least dense metal in the periodic table (molar mass = 6.941 g/mol), it is an alkaline element, which leads to high reactivity and flammability. Because of this, it becomes hazardous when exposed to, mainly, heat and flame, possibly generating toxic gases. Due to its potential negative effects on our health and the environment, in this context, it can also be considered a heavy metal! So don't take any chances, bring your batteries to discard at the collection points throughout OLM.


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It is no surprise to anyone that OLM is a green family. Our students are very engaged and dedicated to change the world's environmental destiny. Are you in doubt where you will discard your plastic cap? You can ask any Preschool child and the answer will be on the tip of their tongue.

It is so much love for the 2 plastic caps and 1 metal lids collection projects, that now we want the whole school to participate in this amazing project! Elementary, Middle and High students are also invited. The gallons and the “Big Green” box are located in front of the Guidance with self-explanatory subtitles in case any questions arise.


Recycling is an act of love!

Our dear Preschool Principal - Ms. Jaidir Barbosa - with two bags full of caps donated by

her students

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Here at OLM, we don’t give a chance to pollution! All electronic devices and batteries are placed in specific containers, located in the Library and Guidance Office, and properly disposed of. The OLM community is our guest of honor in this fight! Bring your used batteries and small electronic devices - such as cellphones - to one of the collection points. Together we are stronger!


Batteries can leak heavy harmful metals, such as nickel, cadmium and lithium, which contaminate our local soils, groundwater, and streams.


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Here at OLM we are more sustainable everyday!In the midst of the environmental issues taking place in the Amazon rainforest, OLM continues to take action to reduce the impacts we cause.


Always counting on the collaboration and active participation of students and staff, we recycle much of the paper consumed in the school. But we don't stop there! The goal is to Reduce, Reuse, and at last, Recycle.


Small gestures bring big results to Mother Nature. Together we are stronger!

Green Curiosity (2):

It takes 11 trees to produce a ton of paper, and the average Brazilian consumes 44 kg per year. Each of us consumes an average of half a tree per year!

The greener we act, the greener we will be!

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Here at OLM we recycle all the oil used in our kitchen! Not only that, but we also receive used oil from  members of the OLM community and forward it to the proper destination! So there is no excuse for you to dispose of you oil incorrectly anymore! 


Green Curiosity (1):

It takes 42 gallons of crude oil, but only 1 gallon of used oil to produce 2.5 liters of new, high-quality lubricating oil! Awesome, right?!


The greener we act, the greener we will be!

MA_foto 1.jpg

Tem Picolé de sobremesa! Oba!!

Mas a outra boa notícia é que os palitos são recolhidos e reutilizados juntamente com a equipe de Artes e da Preschool. Transformação de material e redução do lixo

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