Vegetable Garden

After a very enriching morning, when a group of OLM teachers and staff learned about different kinds of herbs and spices, and also how to plant and grow plant seedlings, OLM took one more  step into becoming an even more nature-friendly school: starting a vegetable garden! Senior Kinder students, under the guidance of Green Team members, planted a variety of herbs and spices like pepper, lemongrass, chives, and thyme. They loved the opportunity of touching the soil, observing the different kinds of seedlings and their leaves, and planting and watering their own plants. Our vegetable garden  looks beautiful, and we can’t wait to see these cute “babies” growing and changing!

Ms. Simone Fernandes

Photos by Herika Sodré & Giovanna Quagliani

Março 22 ... Dia de iniciar o projeto de Horta com JK a, JK B, 1st e 2nd grades. Participação da equipe do Green Team em parceria com a empresa Sustentarte. Ms. Quagliani agrade a todos os envolvidos: Simone Fernandes, Gabriela, Olga, Herika Sodré, Maria Laura, e aos colaboradores  Josy, Seu Zé, Rafael Nascimento (cozinha), Bruno (manutenção), Paulo, Fabiano, Rafael e Tadeu (segurança)